Rima Gravianty Baskoro, S.H., ACIArb.

 Managing Partner

Before founding RBP, Rima Gravianty Baskoro, S.H., ACIArb., has been work in multinational company, in a group of state-owned enterprise, and for several years in prominent law firm in Indonesia which has been known for their idealisme regarding integrity of the advocates. During the time she worked in the law firm, Rima has been handled various litigation cases, such as: unfair competition, consumer protection, land-owned dispute, drugs abuse, asset recovery as the result of crimes, cancellation of deeds, and some cases with death sentence as the maximum penalty.

Rima graduated from the Law Faculty of Diponegoro University in Semarang, specialized in International Humanitarian Law. She is now hold an Advocate profession from PERADI.

She can be contacted at : rimabaskoro@rimabaskoroandpartners.com

For more information on her background, please feel free to download her Curriculum Vitae

CV Rima Baskoro, S.H., ACIArb.


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