About Us

Rima Baskoro & Partners (“RBP”) was founded by Rima Gravianty Baskoro, S.H., and Narendro S. P. Baskoro, S.H. Both are siblings which has experience of working in famous national or multinational company, even in prominent lawfirm in Indonesia.

RBP commited to put the advocate ethic code as the main rule that should be applied for any cases handled by RBP. RBP also fights for clients’ legal rights according to the law and keep the profesionality by prioritising client-lawyer’s privillege and confidential. This is all because RBP understand that clients’ trust is RBP’s responsibility. Through RBP, clients’ can fights for their legal rights.


Vision of Justice


Themis is a symbol which identical with legal profession, advocate as one of them. In Roman mythology, Themis means Justitia, which is justice and law goddes. The character of Themis is a woman who stands with closed eyes, right hand holding a two-edged sword, and left hand holding a balance-scales. It is a symbol that means that justice is for all and everyone has the same level or position before the law (equality before the law principle), in which to enforce justice, we need power and effort. The common symbol of justitia (justice) is a balance-scales, which means considering the defense and contrariness in a case. Meanwhile the bermata dua sword means that justice is objectif, without looking for the status of people (blind justice & blind equality).

Justice is a condition where all rights and obligations of all law subjects are guaranteed and can be done according to the applicable law. If there is any broken legal rights, then there will be a dispute and as the result is unfairness. To fight for a justice, there are some of legal effort that should be done by those who has the rights.

We should be honest, firm and total in fight for our legal rights. We have to avoid illegal way to fight for justice. We should not demand for justice in a gratuitous way that can couses another problem in the upcoming days. Because justice means our rights and obligations as legal subject are guaranteed, not taking another legal subject’s rights by using any legal way.



Managing Partner, Founder & Partners



Before founding RBP, Rima Gravianty Baskoro, S.H., has been work in multinational company, in a group of state-owned enterprise, and for several years in prominent law firm in Indonesia which has been known for their idealisme regarding integrity of the advocates. During the time she worked in the law firm, Rima has been handled various litigation cases, such as: unfair competition, consumer protection, land-owned dispute, drugs abuse, asset recovery as the result of crimes, cancellation of deeds, and some cases with death sentence as the maximum



Narendro S. P. Baskoro, S.H. has been worked in IT company as a legal staff before he, together with his older sister (Rima), establish RBP. Narendro has finished special education for advocate profession at 2013 and waiting for the bar examination before sworn as an advocate.



Kiki Setiawan, S.H., LL.M. obtained his Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Melbourne, Australia under the Australia Awards Scholarships. Before joining RBP, Kiki worked for some Indonesian prominent law firms. Kiki specialized in corporate and commercial legal matters and has plenty experience in investment projects, merger and acquisition transactions, legal due diligence, liquidation and corporate restructuring. He has also been involved in some commercial litigation and bankruptcy cases.



Yusty Riana Purba, S.H., graduated from University of North Sumatera. Prior to joining RBP, she had worked for some notable law firm in Jakarta. During worked in the law firm, Yusty success in advise and represent top real estate developer in Jakarta, criminal case, bankruptcy and other litigation matters. Yusty has also handled numbers of employment legal matters. Yusty is a lisenced advocate and able to represent client throughout the archipelago.


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