Entrapment and Involvement of Foreign Citizens on Drugs Smuggling Cases in Indonesia

Written by : Rima Gravianty Baskoro, S.H.

Managing Partner of Rima Baskoro & Partners Law Office


Many times we watched the news in mass media about drugs smuggling from other country to Indonesia (import) or from Indonesia to other  country (export)  conducted by foreign citizen(s). In Indonesia, drugs crime regulated in the Law of Republic of Indonesia number 35 year 2009 regarding Narcotics (“Narcotics Law”), in which its maximum punishment is death penalty.

Based on our experience in the field, some foreigners who caught smuggling the narcotics admitted that he/she was set up by a group of people. The entrapping was very structured , systematic and professional because carried out by a syndicate international narcotics trafficking, so that foreigners are not realize that the narcotics have been slid in his goods. The type of narcotics that  usually smuggled  is metamphetamine,  with  various weights. Foreigners often said that they were not aware that there are narcotics in their bag. They even just knew that there are narcotics in their bag after the customs officer at the airport check their bag.

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