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Opening of RBP’s Branch Office


Rima Baskoro, S.H., and Narendro Baskoro, S.H., in conjunction with RIMA BASKORO & PARTNERS Law Office takes great pleasure in announcing the opening of our Branch Office in Karawang Regency, West Java (Branch office address: Ruko Broadway B3/12, Galuh Mas, Karawang, West Java).

Located near to Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC), our new branch office will allow us to reinforce and widespread our legal services in order to fulfill Clients’ needs of a loyal, hardworking & tactical lawyer team who are willing to struggling in defending Clients’ legal rights.

As one of a recommended Law Office by Embassy of Italy in Republic of Indonesia since 2016, RIMA BASKORO& PARTNERS Law Office also collaborate with a public notary Kunto Prabowo, S.H., M.Kn., in our Karawang Branch with regards to provide one stop legal service for Clients’ best interest.

Kindly remember that we also give a free legal consultation (pro bono) every friday (10.00 – 15.00 WIB) at our office (both Jakarta & Karawang Office) with prior confirmation from Clients (please contact +6282122324204 to arrange the schedule for free legal consultation).


Best Regards,
“When everyone stands behind your back, we stands on your side”

RBP memberikan penjelasan singkat terkait Hukum Waris Islam dan Hukum Perkawinan Islam dalam acara Halal Bihalal keluarga Sutaatmadja

Halal bi Halal

Rima Gravianty Baskoro, S.H. (kiri) sedang memberikan penjelasan singkat mengenai Hukum Waris Islam dan Hukum Perkawinan Islam.

Recommended Lawfirm by Italian Embassy in Republic of Indonesia

Recommended Lawfirm by Italian Embassy in Republic of Indonesia

Rima Baskoro & Partners (RBP) as a recommended lawfirm and lawyer by Italian Embassy in Republic of Indonesia.


Konsultasi Hukum Gratis / Free Legal Consultations

Konsultasi gratis


Sebagai wujud penghargaan kami terhadap masyarakat dan penghormatan kami terhadap profesi Advokat, dengan ini RIMA BASKORO & PARTNERS (RBP) mengadakan konsultasi hukum gratis (pro bono) dengan memegang pada sumber-sumber hukum di Indonesia. Konsultasi hukum gratis ini diadakan setiap hari Jumat pukul 10:00 s/d 15:00 WIB (dengan perjanjian) di kantor RBP.

As a form of appreciation to the public and our respects to Advocate Profession (officium nobile), RIMA BASKORO & PARTNERS (RBP) give you free legal cosultations (pro bono) based on the source of law of Republic of Indonesia. The free legal cosultation will be held every Friday on 10:00 until 15:00 Jakarta Time at RBP law office.